Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  :)  
So here are this year's stats:
1,272 pageviews
241 photos
49 posts
This year has showed me many new techniques in photography and I have learned a lot! I also bought my very own camera this past summer!
 This year has also been blessed with new life.  :)  My mother is expecting another little girl.  So I will have a new little sister this spring.  :)  

I know.... most of these pictures aren't exactly saying winter, are they? You see, here we don't get deliciously picturesque winters with feet of snow and icicles.  I wish we did though!!  And also some of  these pictures were taken two-three weeks ago.  

 The focus in this picture isn't great at all!  But the lighting and the colors are so nice...... maybe an awful focus can be a modern thing.  You'd be surprised with what they call "modern art"....  So maybe "modern photography" can have techniques that make it look like you *meant* to blur the object.  :P

Now like last year... there will be voting to decided the 2012 photo of the year.  That post will be coming soon! 
A Happy New Year to you!!!  

~Scottish Gal~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 
 I haven't posted on here in quite a while!!  I was VERY busy for a little while this early fall and so un-capable of taking any pictures.  :(  But life has returned to a somewhat normal state and I have started taking pictures again.  Sadly I was unable to host a Fall Challenge.  :(  Maybe next year....
Here are a few that I have taken recently that came out fairly good:

This is a skipper moth that has actually 
gotten stuck in the spider web of the leaf.  If only that moth wern't 
there I think the picture would be perfect!  I love the sun's position!!

Just the colors in this are warm and inviting! However I'm afraid taking pictures of leaves on the ground is not one of my stronger talents.... ;)

I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving!  :)
And I look forward to posting again!

~Scottish Gal~

Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Season Draws Near...

I can't believe that we have gone from 110 degrees to 83 degrees in less than a month!  And in the middle of August no less!  Of course, the nip of fall is not even hinting it's presence yet - it is still humid and kinda muggy.  But a steady breeze from the north promises that the crisp mornings will come.  Fall has to be my favorite season!  I look forward to getting up early in the morning and going on brisk walks with our dogs at my side(and my camera ;) ).  

So, photography wise, what have I been up to lately?  Well I have really been enjoying learning my way around my new camera!!  I will be working on a page about my camera later this month hopefully.  ;)

There is also a book I've been eyeing for a while - "Photographing Waterdrops: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis".  Have any of you ever read it?

And I hope to buy a new lens for my camera sometime in the future!  I'm not sure if I want a macro lens or a telephoto lens.

Scottish Gal

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Lens...

I have been enjoying a lovely summer!  True, the temperatures have been sweltering, but it has only made any rain that we receive all the more refreshing!!  
I have also enjoyed my NEW CAMERA!!!!  All the pictures in this post are taken with a Canon Rebel that I bought from my friend.  :)

This is a Potato Blossom.

A Pumpkin blossom.

The first Pumpkin of the year!

Another Pumpkin blossom... this picture came out neat... it sorta looks like the flower is "glowing".  

Have a nice weekend!

~Scottish Gal~

Friday, July 13, 2012

Black and White Friday #6

Sadly that little bug that is slightly out of focus would not get off the rose for me to take the pictures, but they still came out great!  

Isn't this one incredibly looking?  Just the dark storm rolling over the mountains(I know... some of you are laughing at what we call mountains)

:)  More dew drops!

May I just say how the photo quality of these pictures is..... AMAZING!  That is due to the new camera that I now proudly own(a post on that later)!!  :)
I am working on a much longer post that will hopefully get published sometime next week!  And yes, there are many more dew drop pictures!  :)

Scottish Gal

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Changes

I hope all of you really like the new design!  Personally, I love it!!!  :)

I finally did get some butterfly pictures.  We have a large Butterfly Bush and it was filled with lots of flying insects!  ;)

Humble Bumble Bee.

Summer Daisies.

Ok, I know that occasionally I step outside the category of "nature".  Cute toes are no exception... but, I couldn't resist!!  And come on!  Who doesn't want to see a pair of cute toes happily playing in the sand?  

Enjoy Summer!